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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is using a Tradesman a Smart idea?

Until the Victorian government brings in legislation requiring painters to be licensed which they have done in other states, employing a Tradesperson is your best way of ensuring the Bendigo painter you are dealing with "does" know what they are talking about and has experience to complete the work. Your home or your business is the likely the most expensive asset you own.  A quality paint job will stop your house/place of business deteriorating from the elements if completed correctly maintaining it's value. No Tradesman will be offended if you ask if they are Trade Qualified, I for one am proud of the fact. A tradesman understands the need for thorough preparation of surfaces to provide longevity of the paint coating saving you money in the long run.

How important is preparation?

Preparation is the key to any painting job, It simply doesn't matter how good the final coats are if the preparation is done poorly. I pride myself on using the correct preparation method for each situation resulting in a premium finish that will stand the test of time. This is what differentiates quality Bendigo Painters from the fly by nighters.

How long does painting take?

This is really dependent on the job size. Myself and my team complete works as promptly as possible to limit disruption to my clients daily routine.

When you start the job will you stay until it's finished?

The simple answer is yes, As I know the disruption that occurs when having your house painted/repainted I aim to complete works from start to finish without disruption giving my clients the least interruption from they're day to day activities.

How long from quote acceptance until job can be started?

This can be dependent on the job size but from the quote acceptance I can generally start works within 4-6 weeks from that date. Smaller jobs can be started earlier as they can be fit into my schedule easier. 

How many coats are required?

On new surfaces internally I advise a 3 coat system for best results , and 2 coats on existing surfaces. Externally a primer and 2 top coats. Ultimately my clients budget can dictate the amount of coats, but my suggested system will achieve excellent results.

What type of paint is used brand and quality?

I use premium quality paints from various suppliers. Should a client have a preferred brand I am more than happy to discuss they're preferences and offer advice in regards to those preferences.

Are the paint products eco-friendly?

The industry is moving in an eco-friendly direction and new products are being developed all the time. As quality products get developed I try to utilize them especially when a customer requires/requests them to be used. Although some products come with an eco friendly option, not all are suitable for certain applications.

Why should I choose your business over others?

My attention to detail and personally overseeing every job means that works are carried to my high standards ,this will ensure customer satisfaction. My attention to detail ensures the longevity of the paint coatings, which then translates into excellent value for money for all of my clients given the coating will last longer.

Do i need to move my furniture prior to painting?

Although this would be ideal, should this not be practical, myself and my team can move any furniture that is required to be moved prior to painting. And move it back in place after works are complete. Item too big and bulky that cannot be easily moved will be thoroughly covered for protection. I aim to inconvenience my clients as little as possible, making the painting experience as smooth as possible.

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